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Sanjeev Gupta is the Managing Director and Owner at Spark E Lina Polymers Pvt. Ltd. since 2012, a manufacturing unit of Polyester Resins for powder coatings. He also owns and runs a manufacturing unit of Polyester Resins for thread sizing industry in Surat, Gujarat since 2015. Prior to this he was the Managing Director at Parrychem Industries since 1990, a manufacturing unit for Alkyd Resins for Liquid Paint Industry. With his extensive experience in the small scale manufacturing industry, he has been instrumental in driving business and operations through his analytical abilities and determination.


He is the recipient of the Presidential Independence Day Award under National Research and Development Corporation (NRDC) A Govt. of India undertaking in association with SPRC (Sir Padampet Research Centre), Kota for making Alkyd Resins from Oligomeric waste. Additionally, he is one of the founding members of the Indiawide body, Indian Paint and Coating Association (IPCA), and has been immensely successful in setting high benchmarks for the association and its functioning. He was instrumental is taking Large delegations of IPCA members to various coating shows in the world and thus creating a bridge between the local & international business.

He has held various positions in the core body culminating in President for 2014-16.


He has also undertaken import-export trade in the United States of America in the beginning of his career.


On the social front he is running a Charitable School for Special Children called ‘Purti’ under the aegis of Agroha Educational Society (Regd), Delhi.


Hailing from Delhi, India, he has graduated in (H) from Delhi University in 1987. Always known as an orator in school and college, he has always been socially active and a frontrunner in academics and co-curricular activities. A train buff, he is enthusiastic about reading and cooking alike. He enjoys spending time with family and friends to catch a break from work.



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